A Review: Saga, Volume 1-3


Saga, Volume 1 & 2 (2012, 2013, 2014)
by Brian K. Vaughan
Illustrated by Fiona Staples
Image Comics
ISBN: 978-1607066019
Grades: 9-12
VOYA codes: 5Q, 4P, A/YA
Awards: Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story (2013), Harvey Awards for Best Continuing or Limited Series, Best New Series, Best Single Issue or Story (Saga #1), Best Writer (for Brian K. Vaughan), Best Artist (for Fiona Staples), Best Colorist (for Fiona Staples) AND nominated for Best Cover Artist (for Fiona Staples) (2013), Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for Best New Series, Best Continuing Series, Best Writer (for Brian K. Vaughan) (2013)

The two protagonists in this story come from extra-planetary, enemy races. When they have a child together, higher powers work to stop the next generation. This edgy, sci-fi/fantasy thriller series is loaded with great characters, planets, excitement. Staples’ illustrations are amazing and at times, violently and sexually graphic: Teens won’t be reading these in front of their parents, but they are, in fact, for teens. This belongs on your YA bookshelves – get the whole series, as teens will want to read all eight volumes.  It is well-written, exciting, and multi-faceted, and teens deserve this high-quality series in their collection. As an aside, there are great book images in these volumes that you could use in your library. Examples:


This series is frequently challenged for its content. So much so, that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) has a link to help you successfully overcome a challenge specifically for the Saga series. There’s a case study to review as well.

Character: Flawed, funny, large cast
Storyline: Intricate, exciting, inter-planetary
Pace: Fast-paced
Tone: Dramatic, sarcastic, humorous
Writing Style: Well-crafted dialogue, witty
Illustration: Colorful, detailed, graphic





Walking Dead graphic novels (Book 1, 2004)
Author: Robert Kirkman
Baker & Taylor

Publisher description: Police officer Rick Grimes is shot on the job and wakes up a month later to find that the world that he knows is gone. Zombies have taken over and are killing and eating those who are still alive. He sets out toward Atlanta in the hope that his family is still alive and endures many horrors along the way.



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