Creating categories and corresponding menus in WordPress


Hi Lisa!

I’ll turn this into a generic post once you’re done with it.  🙂

Quick resources for creating categories and using them as menu items on your pages. I never found a video that included this, though the training videos are useful and taught me other things.

First, it looks as if you haven’t created any categories from last semester (and this semester). You’ll want to start there, and apply the categories to all of your posts. Don’t miss any of your posts, or viewers won’t have easy access to them. You can keep it simple and just add one for 777 and one 739, or get a little more detailed. You can see all of my categories ( in the widget on the right column – but I don’t use all of them for menus. You can apply more than one category to a post, for cross-reference. Adding categories:

Set the Defaul Category to your 739 category, so that wordpress doesn’t automatically assign the wrong category to your new posts.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the management tools in wordpress – your Settings should be here:

If that doesn’t work, select “My Sites” in the upper-left corner, and scroll down to Settings on the left column.

After this step, you’ll create menus for the categories you want to show:

In this example, they select Pages for menu items in their Step 2. You’ll want to select Categories (though you can check out all the options, if you want to do something else).

You can also play with sub menus if you want to get more details – see my page for examples. Note that LBSCI739 – the root menu – has its own posts, then “YA Book Reviews” has its own posts.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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