A Review: “Books Between” podcast

All the Wonders produces an incredible series of several children’s book podcasts. The four podcasts have separate themes. Below is a summary of all of the podcasts, with more details about Books Between podcast, to which I listened and have reviewed below.

  • All the Wonders podcast interviews those involved in children’s literature: authors, illustrators, publishers, etc.
  • Every episode of Best Book Ever (This Week) reviews at least five children’s books, and names one of them the best book every (this week).
  • Picturebooking podcast is about sharing and creating picturebooks, but included are reviews and interviews by their authors and illustrators.

Books Between podcast

final-logo2-square-1[1].jpgBooks Between podcast is a podcast that helps connect tweens (8-12) with their books. The podcast is for adults (parents, librarians, teachers) in search of recommendations for this age group.

The narrator/author is Corrina Allen, a 5th grade teacher and a parent. She reviews books and movies (adaptations), and puts them in context with her own children and students. She also seamlessly connects current events to children’s books. For example, one of the episodes I listened to was called Bending the Arc (episode #11). Corrina states that this episode was outside of her normal format, and had more to do with her thoughts around the Presidential election, social justice, and diverse books – with references to three useful books. The second episode I listened to explained the Newbery Awards (episode #15), what they are, and how they work. It also included two book-talks.

The quality of the podcasts are professional, the website is beautiful, organized, and easy to navigate, and each podcast episode has its own information page that includes the transcript of that episode, links to resources, and the reviewed book covers with links to buy those books (through indiebound.org). The only suggestion I might have is that they provide an easy-to-find list of all of the Books Between transcript/links pages, in a clear link available on the Books Between pages, and especially on the main Books Between page.

This podcast will compliment my other review resources in that these podcasts aren’t just pure reviews, but current events with reviews as tangents. Connecting books to the real world allows for insight, analysis, and discussion. Contextualizing books can further their meaning and purpose to adults and children alike.






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  1. Great work Ann! I had listened to their general podcast but not the others, I will include it for future iterations of the course. Your description points already to characteristics of the podcast that might make it unique, so good work there. The focus on contextualization is something important, showing that in many cases podcast will not substitute but enhance your current selection/review resources.

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