Reviews of Versions of a Classic Book: The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902)

My assignment was to review one of the two classic children’s books summarized in Andrew Sparling’s February 19th blog post in “Studies in Literature for Children and Young Adults” I chose his selection, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

I found my first review using the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database (CDLC). The Bookbird Review, also published in the School Library Journal 2010 Review for a re-issue of the book, bemoans the re-illustration by noted artist Michael Hague – complaining that the enlarged book size (Potter insisted on a small format, easily managed by children’s hands), colors, and images display her story in a way that counters the intentions of Beatrix Potter herself.

Illustrations and their illustrators:

B. Potter                                                     B. Potter                                                    M. Hague

My second review is from the blog of a second grade teacher, Lisa. She reviewed the same illustrations and found the beautiful in their details and colors. She reviews more of the content of the story, and also addressed the potential stress of children understanding the Peter’s father was killed and cooked in a pie. Mostly, she praised the book as one that her second graders enjoyed, and understood with regard to temptations and rule-breaking – allowing for classroom discussion about consequences and risks.

Bonus:  Victoria & Albert Museum’s story on the inception and early evolution of Peter Rabbit!


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