To Syrian children, from WWII refugees: “I Know What It’s Like”

World events impact children’s futures profoundly, and the Syrian refugee crisis is now in its fifth year of devastating violence.  Destruction and war steal not only parents, siblings, and others from children, but also childhood itself – robbing them of the opportunity to play, imagine, explore, and develop into the healthy, happy being they might have otherwise been.

This film shows encouragement to keep dreams and ambitions alive for Syrian refugee children. Letters to Syrian children, from children of WWII remind them of this, and shows them that there is life and hope beyond their current situations.

Watching children read the letters, and sense that someone out there cares about their  future is encouraging, even if it doesn’t take them out of harms way. Knowing that someone took the time to tell them their story, and that they experienced similar trials, allows them to keep dreams alive, even if their childhood is shortened by what they’ve seen and experienced. The resilience of children can be extraordinary, and you hope these small deeds help with that.

Mashable News is a digital media organization with a YouTube channel containing human interest videos. The accompanying website story is contained here, and their promotion of the letter-writing campaign by the global humanitarian aid group called CARE, is here.


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  1. Nice find Ann! There are other 2 students with videos about Syrian children. We will discuss more in class but a thougt: how much do these videos show how history repeats itself or the richness (for good and bad) of the childhood experience?

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