Brooklyn Public Library, Central Library – Committed to Young Adults? YES!

Physical Space – The Youth Wing at Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), Central Library is occupied by teens and children, with separate spaces for each. While the Youth Wing is 16 years old, and in need of an upgrade, a new “cutting edge” space has been budget-approved and is scheduled for completion in 2020.

Digital Space – There is a teen area on the BPL website, but interactive teen social media space is minimal, and BPL is not reaching teens through the technology teens use. There is budget for an upgrade to the broader website, but more needs to be done for teens, requiring time from their teen library staff.

Programming – BPL has teen programming that is well-attended, current, compelling, and covers a wide range of topics. Programming can always be improved, and continued focus on technology, and college & career readiness will help teens make the critical transition to adulthood.

Infrastructure Investments – BPL has made a future commitment to teen space, cutting-edge technology, support for 21st century learners, and innovative programming. The infrastructure of a specific space for teens that is well-staffed by experienced teen librarians, and a stable budget, solidifies a foundation for teen services.

Attitudes Toward Teens – Teens at BPL Central are treated well and allowed to be teens. Librarians seem to welcome them throughout the library. Programs and services are tailored to their wants and needs, and BPL works hard to equip them with the tools they need for their future successes.


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