Analysis of Teen digital space for Brooklyn Public Library, Central Library.


There is a separate web presence for Teens on their main website consisting of the following information:

• Program listings – with filters
• Homework Help resources
• Access to materials to check out online
• Contests for writing and video
• Readers’ Advisory
• Summer reading program information

What to do now

Low-hanging fruit – what’s missing for teens that should be there now:

  • Facebook page – They have a Pre-GED Facebook page that hasn’t been used since 2012, and contains expired links. There should be an active, updated, and teen-specific Facebook presence that is monitored and responsive.
  • Instagram page – Preferably one that isn’t just a re-post of Facebook teen posts, but rather, visually appealing with simple, informative captions, useful hashtags, and follow-up for comments and questions. These posts should definitely get auto-posted to FB, but FB should not get auto-posted to Instagram. Currently, BPL has 3 Instagram accounts (2 unused), but none are teen focused. Also, their active account is unresponsive to viewers with questions/comments.
  • Twitter – BPL has a few active Twitter pages, but not exclusively for teens. They are included in a page for kids with disabilities, and as part of an outreach initiative page. A page just for teens might be tested, as long as someone on staff has the time to keep the page active and responsive.
  • Mobile web site – There is a minimally useful mobile presence now. There should be a better interface for programming and events specifically in the teen space. Some teen-only content would be nice too, but starting with the practical information and improving what they already have would be helpful.
  • Teen contact information – I could not find information for contact with teen librarians. Email would be most useful, and needs to be monitored and responsive.

Near future:

Teen input! Find out what they want from their library in terms of digital space:

• Mobile apps for teen patrons – what sounds cool or useful to them?
• SNS platforms – will they use them?
• SNS discussions: Protect your privacy, netiquette, how to talk to adults online, etc.

These should be collaborative discussions with teens, as their input is valuable in all of these!


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