Exploitationship? “Generation Like”

The PBS documentary “Generation Like” shows how systematic and intricate the marketing machine is for the heaviest users of social media. Teens seem to feel like they’re a part of it (or have been manipulated to feel that way), and that they benefit equally from the relationships with the products and media they use. Some – a very rare few “internet stars” – do. Most are just pawns in the marketing game. I know, I’m a pawn too, to a lesser degree, but nonetheless. The extent of manipulation and targeting is alarming, which makes me old. I’ll be interested to see how these teens react and adjust as they get older, and potentially their understanding of private data becomes clearer to them. All the while, their information continues to be harvested for more targeted advertising as they reach certain age milestones.


One comment

  1. Yes, the doc is focused on teens but just because they are constructed (and in some cases are) the heaviest users of SNS platforms. But Likes as currency affects all of us. Boyd presents are more positive (although mostly descriptive) view of these interactions. How do you think that librarians can intervene in these digital spaces? Can we create alternatives? Perhaps IRL? Could we do anything else than create awareness or encourage discussions with teens as equals (perhaps less as pawns)?


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